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Saffron Types Based on Quality

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Looking for better quality pure natural Saffron?

we are at your service to provide you with the best quality guaranteed super Negin and Negin saffron

our company is specialized to produce pure natural saffron if you are interested to know much more about the Negin and super Negin saffron read the article below:

Negin Saffron

This is the best kind of Iranian Saffron that has the best quality and the highest coloring power. In order to collect Saffron Coupe ( negin saffron ), farmers separate the red and large stigmas that the lower parts of their strands are connected together. There is no yellow part or cream in this type of Saffron. In the classification of Saffron Coupe, if the much taller stigmas are collected in which the tips of them are bulkier and thicker, this type of Saffron is called super Saffron Coupe that is the most expensive and the finest kind of Saffron. In general, the coloring power of Saffron Coupe (negin) is between 230 and 270 degrees.

For new saffron wholesalers or retail Persian saffron sellers in other countries, distinguishing Iranian saffron classification is not easy and the question in their mind remains and there is no clear answer for it in any academic or ordinary articles.

Differentiation between Negin saffron, Sargol saffron, and poushal saffron. The very simple answer is, Negin saffron is all red, without any yellow part – physically straight, without any wave and at least 1.5 centimeters tall.

There are many qualities and subclassifications in Negin saffron Premium Negin saffron is unified in size and shape and also at least 1.5 centimeters tall without any poushal or Sargol (containing not more than 10% Poushal), this is Premium Negin saffron or suitable exporting Negin saffron. There is also very luxury Negin saffron which is very thick, straight, tall Negin saffron. To produce and process such super Negin saffron the conditions are having very rich soil along with special knowledge and know-how to yell such strong flowers that are capable of processing super Negin saffron. Above mentioned criterion is essential for the basic step for super Negin saffron processing, next step to finalize the supper Negin saffron is professional knowledge and experience to detach the stigma from the flower in a way that stigma detaches without stretching and breaking from the length, then giving it the heat with an exact degree to dry without shrinkage and curving in the length. To produce Negin saffron, the processing should be done by using new Natural heating machines which is unique and no other countries use them. For your information, Spanish saffron processor companies or saffron wholesalers use a microwave to dry saffron which is harmful but in Iran, no one uses Microwave due to its harmful effect on human organs although it’s not proven by scientists. our company in Iran uses a very natural way to produce Negin saffron or super Negin saffron. CAM saffron company is proud to offer real natural pure organic saffron with no external coloring objects.

We are very careful to handpick each saffron stigma to ensure the quality to address consumer’s expectations.

Negin Saffron Saffron Coupe

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 Saffron Indication and usage:

1.Mainly Ghayen and Birjand rural area use infusion Saffron like tea and hosting the guest by this prized drink. Iranian Saffron tea is usually common in the harvesting seasons.

2.In ancient time Saffron was known as a holy plant and utilized in religious ceremonies by Jewish leaders for the god, although before Saffron been known as the spice and drug used as the color for writing down the holy books, according to the non-stability of Saffron color written with it became obsolete? Finally, Saffron color is used for cotton and silk coloration, yarn or silk will be boil with the hot water and in the next step Saffron add to it, if they want to turn it to green some indigo color would be added to it and then they’ll wash it again.


What are the saffron usage and what has made it called red gold?

Saffron has numerous usage, but the main general saffron usages are:

1-Pharmaceutical industry

2-Food industry

3-herbal drink

4-Chemical industry

1-Pharmaceutical industry

From ancient times, traditional medicine had discovered the unique saffron usage of saffron and used saffron in various matters.  Today, with the modernization of everything, saffron is used in a new way and in medicine form to prevent and treatment of most diseases. Saffron has attracted the attention of many industries, researchers, and physicians due to its incredible effects.

In recent years, due to the side effects of chemical drugs, many patients in every country are interested in seeking treatment with herbal medicines.

When the name of medicinal plants is mentioned, saffron has a special place among them due to its unlimited properties and incredible applications in the treatment of various diseases.

2-Food industry

The aroma and taste of saffron are appetizing and has numerous saffron usage in the food industry.   It is widely used in various drinks such as tea and soft drinks, cake powders, chocolate, jellies, candies and etc. as a coloring and flavoring substance.it is also used in confectionery for the production of cakes and sweets, in meat production factories such as in sausage factories, restaurants, and dairy industry for making ice cream, butter, and …

Saffron usage in cooking chicken, rice, some types of soups and seafood, and making different types of desserts.

Among the countries, Arabs use saffron the most. They use saffron in their different foods and the saffron must be used in the Arabic coffee.

In Italy and Switzerland, a food called Risotto is cooked in which saffron is used.

Paella is a famous Spanish dish in which saffron is one of the main ingredients.

The correct way to use saffron

Grind saffron stigmas, pour it into a coated container and pour a little boiling water on it and let it brew for 20 to 30 minutes. Now your brewed saffron is ready to use.

Another way to use saffron is to put a piece of ice on ground saffron. Saffron is brewed until the ice melts.

You can pour the brewed saffron in the mold and put it in the freezer to freeze and use it whenever you need it.

How to prepare saffron tea and introduce its properties and benefits

Saffron is one of the medicinal plants that is used in different ways, from saffron tea to saffron rice and saffron tea, all of which are very tasty, refreshing, appetizing, and have many properties, but in this article we want you Let’s get acquainted with saffron tea and talk about its properties and benefits.

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